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A Measure Of Success

Here’s a question often asked of sales folks:  Are our marketing efforts really working?

And here’s the usual, albeit sometimes embarrassing, answer:  Who knows?  How would anyone know?

Fair enough.  With traditional marketing programs, those bottom line numbers – the very ones needed to justify a program or sometimes, a person’s job – have been elusive, unquantifiable, and just plain hard to measure.  After all, it’s not as if you can just pull out a ruler or a measuring cup.

Or is it?

At Technekes, for example, we know that one phone-based sales support associate can support 10 financial services producers.  We also know, from experience, that this additional sales support results in two times – twice – the facetime a producer spends with customers or prospects, allowing for more robust meetings.

That’s something you can measure.   And more robust sales conversations translate into new and retained relationships and deeper product penetration – resulting in significant incremental yield. Again, absolutely measurable.

Technekes’ clients also get to monitor this sales support activity in near real-time through innovative, customized web-based dashboards.  Our clients can see – measure – the number of calls attempted, the number of decision makers reached, and the number of appointments secured – every day, every hour.

It’s not rocket science.  It doesn’t require a million-dollar platform.  It doesn’t even require superhuman effort by our clients.

It just requires the resolve to engage a sales support team who knows how to take the hill for you, providing transparency to the good ground taken.

With this kind of partnership, when you’re asked, “Are your marketing efforts really working?” you can confidently respond, “Let me get my ruler.  I’ll show you.”

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