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A Regulatory-Friendly Way To Drive Patient Compliance

Brian Cea, Director of Business Development

Patients want more.  Not just more information but a relationship. They want to know they’re doing the right thing, and that what they’re feeling and doing is “normal.” You can’t blame them.  Although regulations can make it tricky, anyone taking medication certainly deserves an open line of communication.

In my experience, patients need more than good reasons to take a medication, they need to know what life is like while taking that medication. They need “real world” examples of what it’s like to be compliant — and not.  In the article, Is Pharma Going To Ever Make The Leap, the author points out why patients in general are not compliant, but as a marketer, do you know why your patients in specific are not compliant?  Do your patients understand the ramifications of non-adherence?  Is there way you can share that information with them?

Absolutely.  With KeyInsights by Technekes, we gather and compile patient feedback and share it with you, and, if you like, with the prescribers and the patients themselves. All stakeholders learn more about the patient community – from patients who respond honestly and anonymously. KeyInsights allows you to tailor your message based on patient feedback and then continually engage the patient to drive compliance.  All in a regulatory-friendly package.

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