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As Marketers, We Can Safely Assume … Nothing

– Steve Amedio, President and COO, Technekes

One of the first rules of marketing is:  Make no assumptions.

As marketers, however, we have to be experts.  Not simply experts in getting products into the hands of buyers — instead, our expertise must extend into our client’s businesses.  Here at Technekes, for example, that means we must necessarily be experts in agriculture, financial services and healthcare marketing.

The way I see it, marketing is not an expense; it is an investment.   As marketers, we are stewards of a client’s investment, obligating us to deliver the best possible return – which is only possible when we are such experts in our client’s industry that we know it better than they do themselves.

Take this video for example.  Evernote is an app I use every day in my planning and tasking workflow.  It helps me organize everything from random thoughts to work plans, as well as categorize text, audio and images related to work.  Prevailing wisdom would say that farmers are slow to embrace modern technology, and therefore, would not adopt Evernote as a business tool.  This video indicates otherwise.

I understand, of course, that Ray Prock of Ray-Lin Dairy likely isn’t Evernote’s primary target demo, but still, I’m not at all surprised to see the way Mr. Prock puts Evernote to use in his every day life.

Make no assumptions.

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How B2B Marketers Can Stay Relevant in 2011

Steve Amedio, President and COO of Technekes LLC

Because of my position, I’m asked a lot of questions.  Things like, “What does our team need to do?”  And, “How can I get better?”  And, “What do I have to do to score a goal?”

You guessed it.  In addition to my day-to-day responsibilities at Technekes, I also coach my kids’ soccer teams.  The kids’ questions, though, aren’t that dissimilar from the questions B2B marketers need to be asking.  Staying relevant  – in an environment of diminishing budgets and burgeoning social media, emaciated sales forces and escalating sales goals — is a genuine issue.

Clearly, staying the course is not enough.  Marketers have to be vigilant, first looking inward at our own organizations – our people, our process and our technology.  I’d maintain that now is the time to break ground, providing even more employee training, more education, re-igniting innovation and making our work environments richer and more desirable.  Rather than reap profits at the expense of people and product development, it’s time to reinvest, focusing on areas that make us more able, more responsive, and more efficient.

Innovation is at our “virtual” fingertips.  The challenge is to use our abilities and technology wisely — at scale –for benefit of our company and our customers.  Toward that goal, at Technekes we have been encouraging more frequent client brainstorming sessions.  We have also established “innovation” as a key dimension in our performance management system that drives employees compensation.  We even added a new award category (thanks for the “bright idea,” Preston) to our end-of-the-year award ceremony, called — you guessed it -– The Bright Idea Award.

More than self-introspection, though, marketers need to partner even more closely with our clients.  If we turn a blind eye to the pressure our clients are facing, not only are we ourselves doomed, but also we are doing a disservice to the people who rely upon our expertise, our technology and our guidance.

This isn’t simply a matter of “feeling their pain.”  It’s a matter of stewardship.  We are entrusted with our clients’ campaigns, their budgets, and on occasion, their jobs.  We are obligated to honor this trust with nothing less than our best, smartest and most efficient efforts.

What I tell my soccer players is that they have everything they need.  Even so, winning won’t happen automatically.  If you want to win, you need to think harder.  Consider your options.  Look ahead.  Prepare.  Be bold.  And execute!

So let’s get out there.  Work hard.  Have fun.  And score a goal or two.

Technekes Associates Get The Third Degree

We’ve always prided ourselves on the talented techies here at Technekes, but a couple of folks in our technology department are now taking our gearheads to an even higher level.

Ben (technical team leader) and Matt (one of our developers) both now have advanced degrees.  Ben just finished up two years of evening classes, to earn his MBA from Wake Forest.  Matt earned his MS in Information Technology from UNC Charlotte, with a concentration in Software Systems Design and Engineering.

Congratulations to the two newest members of the Class of 2010!

Meet Our Healthcare Practice Lead, Bobbie Montgomery

Over the years, we’ve grown Technekes – and our reputation – by combining innovative thinking and unwavering execution with exceptional client service.

Naturally, when an opportunity opened up for a new lead of our growing healthcare practice, we knew we needed a single individual who could offer those exact same qualities.

An unreasonably high standard, perhaps.  But then came Bobbie Montgomery.

Bobbie’s got one impressive resume – including 25 years in the life science industry, including work with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, long term care, surgical and drug distributorships, and managed care reimbursement marketing.  She’s had responsibility for a broad-based service portfolio including: patient assistance programs, data analytics, contract sales organizations, PDMA compliance, ROI, sample management, market research and eDetailing/eCME.

Plainly, she’s got the “thinking and execution” part down pat.  In fact, with the list of acronyms on her resumé, you might expect Bobbie to be pretty buttoned-up, but the truth is, she’s not “all business.”  Far from it.

That’s where the “exceptional client service” part comes in.  Bobbie sees her clients as extended family.  As she says, “For me, business is all about building relationships.  I like working with people.  I like advising them.  I like connecting with them.  I like solving problems.”

Plainly, Bobbie likes helping people.  When she’s not on the job here at Technekes, you might find her indulging her desire to help at Villanova University, where she advises over 100 students, or even, attending clients’ weddings. (We told you, she sees clients as family).

Innovative thinking, unwavering execution, and exceptional client service:  What a perfect fit for established and prospective healthcare clients alike.  Welcome to Technekes, Bobbie.  We can see that you’ll fit in just fine.

Volcano 1 : The Miner’s 0

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano (10 bonus points for pronunciation) has put our director of creative services, Scott Miner, and his new wife, Julie, on hold for their much anticipated honeymoon. According to the newlyweds, flights to Germany are still booked up as they are clearing the backlog of stranded passengers queued up ahead of them.

“I was quite surprised by the lack of disappointment from my colleagues who promptly put me back to work after our flight was cancelled!,” said a stranded Scott Miner. “Who would have imagined our honeymoon would be put off by an Icelandic volcano whose name I can’t even pronounce. Luckily we were able to re-schedule everything. So fingers crossed, Eyjafjallajokull stays quiet,” said Miner.

We wish the Miners a fun and happy postponed honeymoon and look forward to Scott’s return to the office.

Here are some terrific photos from Eyjafjallajokull.