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Crossing Into New Territory
With Joan Knowlton

Technekes is delighted to announce that agricultural marketing dynamo, Joan Knowlton, has joined as director of our newly established Canadian office.

According to Preston Fay, Technekes’ chief marketing officer and principal, “I’ve known Joan a long time.  She’s a born marketer who knows Canadian agriculture.  She knows our business, and she flat-out knows how to get things done.  And aside from all of that, she’s just a lot of fun to work with.”

In addition to her new role at Technekes, Joan also advises Powernoodle, a software company that creates and runs online meetings and brainstorming sessions.  According to their website, “Joan Knowlton has built a reputation for repeatedly moving from brilliant idea to successful outcome. She’s firmly grounded, with a rare combination of common sense, creative problem solving, technological savvy and a sixth sense for opportunity. While she’s someone we wouldn’t want to go up against in a poker game, Joan brings just the kind of experience we need in a strategic advisor.”

Besides, Joan’s also the perfect person to help us Southerners understand the difference between a hockey puck and a really, really stale sausage biscuit.

Welcome aboard, Joan.  Or perhaps, bienvenue à Technekes!

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