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Meet Our Healthcare Practice Lead, Bobbie Montgomery

Over the years, we’ve grown Technekes – and our reputation – by combining innovative thinking and unwavering execution with exceptional client service.

Naturally, when an opportunity opened up for a new lead of our growing healthcare practice, we knew we needed a single individual who could offer those exact same qualities.

An unreasonably high standard, perhaps.  But then came Bobbie Montgomery.

Bobbie’s got one impressive resume – including 25 years in the life science industry, including work with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, long term care, surgical and drug distributorships, and managed care reimbursement marketing.  She’s had responsibility for a broad-based service portfolio including: patient assistance programs, data analytics, contract sales organizations, PDMA compliance, ROI, sample management, market research and eDetailing/eCME.

Plainly, she’s got the “thinking and execution” part down pat.  In fact, with the list of acronyms on her resumé, you might expect Bobbie to be pretty buttoned-up, but the truth is, she’s not “all business.”  Far from it.

That’s where the “exceptional client service” part comes in.  Bobbie sees her clients as extended family.  As she says, “For me, business is all about building relationships.  I like working with people.  I like advising them.  I like connecting with them.  I like solving problems.”

Plainly, Bobbie likes helping people.  When she’s not on the job here at Technekes, you might find her indulging her desire to help at Villanova University, where she advises over 100 students, or even, attending clients’ weddings. (We told you, she sees clients as family).

Innovative thinking, unwavering execution, and exceptional client service:  What a perfect fit for established and prospective healthcare clients alike.  Welcome to Technekes, Bobbie.  We can see that you’ll fit in just fine.


  1. Lisa Hart
    Posted July 18, 2010 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    You are extremely lucky to have Bobbie on your team. I have worked the last three years with her and will miss her being part of the team. Best – Lisa

  2. Posted July 22, 2010 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    Considering I have known “Roberta”, as I have called her since I was 9 years old I can only say she is my pillar, my rock and my best friend. You can only expect the best from the best person I know. Judy B.

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