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Targeting & Qualification: Identifying the best candidates for maximum ROI

This is the second in a series of posts telling more about the services we offer clients in the agriculture, financial services and healthcare industries.   Next week, we’ll cover “Lead Generation.”

Look.  This isn’t rocket science.  To grow and be profitable, your business has to either retain customers or acquire prospects.  Which means, step one, you’ve got to reach them.  But how?

Buying a list isn’t the solution.  Mailing to your entire customer base isn’t the solution.  Asking your sales force to follow-up on every tradeshow lead isn’t the solution.

Sure, all of these are a “start,” but none is the solution.

A solution has to be smarter than all that.  More effective.  And more profitable.

At Technekes, we give your marketing efforts the greatest possible chance of success, not only by appropriately targeting your audience, but further refining your efforts by qualifying and scoring your customers and prospects.

By qualifying your leads and lists and databases, we help you maintain your credibility by mailing to accurate addresses.  We make sure your efforts aren’t wasted, by ensuring that you’re reaching the real “decision-maker” on an account.  We then score customers and prospects, and lists and leads to find out whether they are genuinely in the market, and, better still, where they are in the decision process.  We’ll even rank them, so you can prioritize and know who is most likely to buy.  You’ll know who to reach out to first and where you’ll find the best success.

Yes, this all takes more effort, but we do it every day here at Technekes.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s just rock solid marketing, giving you rock solid results.

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