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Turnkey concierge marketing services.

When you work with Technekes, you get to do what you do best - manage your brand or product at the highest level - because we've staffed our teams to take on every detail of even the most complex projects, from strategy and planning to database management, creative production and analysis.

- Account Management

+ Account Management

We work for you.

What makes a great team? In sports, you want teammates with a combination of gifts - things like speed and intelligence and sheer audacity. In business, well, you want pretty much the same combination. You don't just want the players who can get the job done. You want the ones who can and will get the job done.

That's your Technekes account
management team.

It's unlikely you've ever worked with such seasoned and experienced folks. More important is the way we work. Yes, we get it done, but we're not just order-takers. We see ourselves as your strategic partner — an extension of your department.

Even as we're attending to the essential day-to-day details of your programs, we're always thinking big picture, always looking 360, always considering ways to amp up ROI.

Bottom line, we are your advocate. We represent you -- which means that when the need arises, there's no limit to the extraordinary measures we'll take to ensure your program is well-executed, on time and on budget. Just ask our current clients. To hear them tell it, we represent them so well that their logos - not ours - should be on our business cards.

And in some cases, it actually is.

- Creative Services

+ Creative Services

Design that communicates. Copy that resonates.

Specialized marketing necessitates specialized creative. So while our creative group has the services you'd expect, you'll also find a depth of expertise and understanding you won't find anywhere else.

We're not here to blast a demographic with mountains of letters and brochures. And we're happy to leave logo design to the black turtlenecks on Madison Ave. Instead, what we do is constantly work to identify the best way, the most effective way, the most efficient way to create a targeted, personalized experience for your customers.

Our in-house team has years of experience in traditional direct and digital marketing, working for the largest and most trusted brands in the world. We know how to play nice with your agencies and legal teams, while bringing our own unique expertise to the table.

We're focused on well-executed trigger marketing that is relevant, timely and ultimately, rings the register. One reason we're so quick and our programs so successful is because we've got it all right here:

  • Creative strategy
  • Design - print, direct and web
  • Copywriting
  • Production and delivery
  • Information architecture and usability
  • Project coordination for complex fulfillment projects
  • Application and web user
    interface design
  • Microsites and PURLs
  • Variable data communications
  • Digital print-on-demand production
  • Social media and emerging technologies

Plainly, we dig the details. So when we say, "We can do that," believe us. We can.

- The "MIC"

+ The "MIC"

Our own Marketing Interaction Center.

Your phone rings, showing a number you don't recognize. What's the first thing you think?

We know. We've all heard from those "robotic" callers. Disinterested callers. Improperly and incompletely trained callers.

That's exactly why Technekes has our own Marketing Interaction Center - the MIC.

Yes, the MIC is a structured call center, but it's also a place where innovation thrives. (It is located, after all, in Research Triangle Park - the leading research and biotech center in the US.) We hire top level talent - folks with degrees and specific job experience in the industry. We've got ag folks with their own farms. Financial services folks working on MBAs. And healthcare folks with years of pharma experience.

Our 13,000 square foot facility is unlike any marketing interaction center you've ever seen. Our associates go through extensive and ongoing training to ensure we can engage in dynamic conversations with clients and prospects. A customer never feels that he or she is talking to someone who doesn't know or doesn't care. In fact, your customer knows it's you as soon as the phone rings, because your caller ID - not ours - is programmed in.

We care. We listen. We engage. We learn. And we share what we learn with you. Among our services:

  • Branded calling on your behalf
  • Virtual Sales Rep
  • 800 inbound/outbound
  • Click to chat
  • Appointment setting
  • Multi-lingual support

- Quality and Productivity

+ Quality and Productivity

Keeping your programs running smoothly.

No agency ever really wants to talk about the things that could go wrong with a marketing program, but let's face it -- things happen. Glitches and setbacks are part of any business. That's why nearly every industry has its own, as well as government-regulated, quality assurance standards and product testing procedures. Indeed, the safety and security procedures for financial services, agriculture and pharmaceutical companies are among the most stringent in the U.S.

You'd think that the partners handling data and building applications for these industries would have similarly aligned quality assurance standards in place. But that's rarely the case. Technekes, however, is the exception.

You won't find anything else like our Quality Assurance team at other agencies. We know that when we work with your data, mail your checks, or launch your microsites, that you need to know without question that you can trust us and the process.

We know your program will run smoothly, because we are committed to the highest levels of quality and have a fulltime team of testers - the kind of folks who "just have to make sure" - to back that up. Using SCRUM methodology and Agile software development, we test applications, websites, and fulfillment projects. Our experts test, test, test and for good measure, test once again.

Among the tools and processes we
leverage are:

  • Load and performance testing
  • Requirements driving testing
  • Industry standardized testing
  • Automated regression testing
  • Disaster recovery processes
  • Usability testing

As a customer, of course, you just want to know that your data is secure and that your applications are running smoothly 24/7. At Technekes, it is and they are, giving you one less thing to worry about.

- Technology

+ Technology

Proven methodology that's both brilliant and business-as-usual.

Some people like surprises. Folks in
technology don't.

Too much hinges on this essential element of your marketing and sales program. You may not want to know exactly what goes on behind the curtain, but when it comes to your data, you should feel confident that your program will go off without a hitch. Period.

We start where you are, going through a point-by-point discovery phase to understand the technology needed to deliver your marketing program.

From there, about at the point where most people's eyes glaze over, we dig in right up to our eyeballs — which is exactly where we like to be. We've built these systems more times than we could count.

We have fully redundant development, QA and production environments, as well as a formal backup and management infrastructure.

We don't ask our clients to fund some untested technology. Instead, we're using proven methodology to consistently deliver defect-free software and systems, such as:

  • Web applications
  • Marketing websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Data warehouses
  • 3rd party integrations
  • CRM systems and integration
  • Microsites and PURLs
  • Triggered fulfillment
  • ROI calculation

We could show you all the behind-the-scenes magic, but bottom line, you should know that we're working to make sure that the only surprise is no surprise. And in the world of technology, that's the best surprise of all.

The fearless leaders at Technekes are just that: fearless. With decades of experience and a complete arsenal of tools, they've taken what was once a kitchen-based business and built it into a thriving company responsible for driving sales and profits for major, category-leading brands in

North America and Europe. More importantly, our leaders are not sitting on the sidelines, they bring their industry experience onto the field and into the huddle. They make things happen for our clients.

- Preston Fay : Chief Marketing Officer, Founder

+ Preston Fay : Chief Marketing Officer, Founder

Passionate, innovative and creative best describe Preston. He's a direct marketing craftsman with a vision for designing marketing and sales programs that work. He pushes himself and Technekes to pursue ever-higher levels of competency.

"It's exceptionally gratifying when all the moving parts come together - strategy, creative, technology, marketing and sales. We make them sing as one, and when that happens, our clients always make a lot of money. That's the most satisfying thing I could ever do."

Preston's plied his trade as a marketer with a who's who list of clients for nearly 25 years,

having worked his way up from agency copywriter to account guy to managing director of a European database marketing company to co-founder of Technekes.

Preston's our resident practical joker, rarely passing on an opportunity to capitalize on something funny. Outside of his Technekes family, he most enjoys hanging out with lovely bride, kids, and his English Pointers, Maggie and Lola. He likes playing soccer (he's bad) and cycling - bicycling and motorcycling (not great, but better). On weekends he's usually out of cell phone range, in a far-away river trying to coax a pretty trout to his fly.

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- Jack Ross : Chief Technology Officer, Founder

+ Jack Ross : Chief Technology Officer, Founder

"If there's something Jack can't do with data, I'll be damned if I know what it is. He's the best I've ever seen. No one else even comes close." -Preston Fay

Jack's a technical tour de force. As Technekes' visionary, Jack is well and truly a "Jack of all trades." He's deeply experienced in virtually every aspect of technology and its application to drive marketing and sales. He builds marketing databases and data warehouses, and he helps the team at Technekes interpret and present data in ground-breaking ways to add value to everything we do. And the best part is that Jack's every bit as competent a marketer as a techie. He gets it.

Quality, accuracy and relevance are cornerstones of Jack's approach to using data to make client sales happen - and measuring success at every point along the way.

His methods have served him well over the past 25 years where he leveraged his Ivy League degree in computer science to start his career as advertising agency designer (go figure) to pioneer database development capabilities across the agricultural industry in the US and Europe.

Here at work, you'll find Jack with his constant canine companions, Roxxy and Lucy. At home, you'll find him with his lovely bride and adorable toddler daughter. And in what little remains of his spare time, you'll find him either banging away on one of his many Macs or banging away at clay pigeons. Jack's a nationally ranked shooter — as precise in the field as he is with data.

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- Steve Amedio : Chief Operating Officer, President

+ Steve Amedio : Chief Operating Officer, President

Steve is a leader. He's an organizer and a builder of teams, passionate about results ever since his days as a college soccer player.

Steve's professional career began, oddly enough, when he was hired fresh out of college by Preston to work at a direct marketing agency in Charlotte. From the very beginning of his entrepreneurial career, Steve focused on enterprise software and technology transformation projects, working with an impressive list of Fortune 100 companies and growing several start-ups on the process. Now, that ability to tackle big-company challenges with an entrepreneurial perspective is what makes Steve so valuable — both to our company and our clients.

Under Steve's leadership, Technekes has flourished, growing in ways both measurable and not. We're now three times the size we once were. We've grown a highly-regarded healthcare practice group. We've expanded into Canada. But even more important, we've established a rock-solid reputation for exceptional and innovative work within the life sciences industry.

That dedication carries over outside of the office, too, where Steve oversees the events and fundraising efforts of a highly regarded nonprofit group, All-In To Fight Cancer. No doubt, though, the best thing we can say about Steve is that he's a loving husband and the proud father of four.

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- Ashley Williams : Senior Vice President, Ag Practice

+ Ashley Williams : Senior Vice President, Ag Practice

A gifted marketer, Ashley leads Technekes' Ag Practice by example. She tirelessly supports her clients and her team, bringing 20+ years of agricultural marketing experience to bear with exceptional effect.

Ashley's stood in her clients' shoes, having walked fields and sold "belly-to-belly" with growers as a district manager for a major seed company.

She built and led the database marketing capability for one of her industry's largest crop protection manufacturers. A captivating presenter, she's as comfortable in the boardroom as in the field.

You'll likely never meet a more knowledgeable professional who always remembers "the little things" that make a difference with customers and colleagues - a note on your birthday, a hand-written thank you, or a note for a job well done. Ashley is, in a word, inspirational.

When not hard at work with clients or developing her team, Ashley inspires her family and her two Pomeranians, Duchess
and Lady.

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- Bobbie Montgomery : Senior Vice President, Healthcare Practice

+ Bobbie Montgomery : Senior Vice President, Healthcare Practice

Over the past 10 years, we've grown Technekes - and our reputation - by combining innovative thinking and unwavering execution with exceptional client service. So when an opportunity opened up for a new lead of our healthcare practices, we knew we needed, well, a single individual who could offer those exact same qualities.

Bobbie Montgomery was the ideal fit. Her 25-year career in the life science industry includes work with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, long term care, surgical and drug distributorships, and managed care

reimbursement marketing. She's had responsibility for a broad-based service portfolio including: point of sale discount programs, patient assistance programs, data analytics, contract sales organizations, PDMA compliance, ROI, sample management, market research and eDetailing/eCME.

Pretty impressive, right? But when you meet her, you'll see that she's not "all business." Far from it. Bobbie sees her clients as extended family. She just enjoys helping people.

When Bobbie's not doing volunteer work with college students (she advises over 100 students at Villanova) or attending clients' weddings (we told you, she's like family), she's tending to her own family, including two dogs (Guinness, an Airedale terrier and Skipper, a Jack Russell), two children, and, as she says, "just the one husband."

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Visit our Healthcare Practice website
to learn more about our proprietary
programs and team.

- Joan Knowlton : Director, Technekes Canada

+ Joan Knowlton : Director, Technekes Canada

Although still fairly new to Technekes, in the words of founder Preston Fay, "Joan pretty much defines the Technekes mindset and philosophy."

In other words, Joan flat-out knows how to dig in and get things done, with a healthy serving of professionalism and humor.

A born marketer who's well-familiar with the unique cycles of the Canadian agriculture, Joan has blazed a trail for women in the business, starting with her very first jobs in inside sales and pesticide safety instruction, to opening her own well-known and highly-regarded ag communication business, to her role as manager of a large ag database company.

And along the way, she's earned a reputation for delivering the best possible marketing solution for each and every client. And now, she brings all that to bear here at Technekes. She's the kind of person our clients genuinely look forward to meeting with — whether to kick around ideas or kick back for a relaxing meal.

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We've got to admit, it took us quite a while to assemble the crackerjack leadership team we now have. In addition to being top-notch professionals in their fields of expertise, they're also first-rate individuals. You don't want

to just work with them — you want to hang out with them — because each has the uncanny ability to inspire clients and employees alike.

No 1 No 2

- Angelic Gibson : Vice President, Information Technology

+ Angelic Gibson : Vice President, Information Technology

Angelic uses the word "client" a lot. She talks about the client experience. She believes in building client trust, confidence and respect. She emphasizes the importance of establishing personal relationships with clients.

In fact, her client focus is so intense, that if you sat in on a business meeting but didn't catch her title, you might never guess that Angelic's actual area of expertise is "technology."

As the head of Technekes' technology group, Angelic has plenty of IT experience and credentials, but plainly, what makes her unique is how she approaches technology from a very "human" perspective, constantly collaborating to come up with solutions that help real people achieve real goals. Clients appreciate her

persistence, her spunk, and her all-out determination to make all communications — whether digital, written, or face-to-face — an exceptional experience.

We're betting that those communication skills are put to good use at home, too, where Angelic is a wife, mom to six kids, and the head of a local nonprofit providing services to single mothers and their children.

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- Diana Henderson : Vice President, Ag Practice

+ Diana Henderson : Vice President, Ag Practice

At the intersection of Poise, Dedication, Service and Professionalism, you’ll find Diana. She's our resident ag marketing expert, but not because she grew up on a farm. And not because she snagged any kind of ag degree. In fact, when she first arrived at Technekes, she wasn't a seasoned marketer. She was a hungry grad with a freshly minted marketing degree and an abundance of moxie. Therein lies the key to her success. Every day, for the past seven seasons, Diana has demonstrated an infectious energy and enthusiasm for our industry, for her clients and, most importantly, for driving sales.

Diana's walked fields, ridden with reps, and called on ag dealers across North America. She's tirelessly conceived and delivered hundreds of marketing campaigns with an attention to detail that's earned the admiration and respect of clients and co-workers alike.

As a result, Diana's the youngest ever at Technekes to earn the title of VP, a seat on our Leadership Team, and our company's highest award, "Top Gear."

Most days, she's hard at work before sun up, because she cares so deeply about doing great work and squeezing in extra time with her adorable family. And here's something else you might not know about Diana — she has a terrific singing voice — and recently completed her first 10k!

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- Scott Miner : Vice President, Creative Services and UX

+ Scott Miner : Vice President, Creative Services

Scott's been with Technekes practically from the beginning, initially as a one-man creative department, but quickly earning a reputation as the office "go-to, get-er-done guy," embodying the Technekes work ethic.

In other words, Scott hasn't met a challenge here that he hasn't embraced, devoting as much energy to developing and refining the process as to delivering extraordinary results. Toward that goal, in recent years, he's taken on a new role: Leading two teams — our growing creative team and our newly-created user experience team — to deliver client solutions that are both well-crafted and well-executed.

As Scott notes, "A great idea can't stand alone. To get results, it must be well-executed. Likewise, a perfectly-executed campaign can't deliver results unless it is also well-conceived."

To keep his two teams on the same page, Scott spends most mornings in "Scrum" — a daily standup meeting to ensure all team members are on the same page. On weekends, however, you're far more likely to find him hiking in the North Carolina mountains with his wife and toddler.

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